2024 Executives Committee 



Email ID

Arvind Zalaki


Swami Begur

Vice President and Treasurer

Pavan RS

Communications chair

Sudhi Ramakrishna

Food chair

Rohit Sathyanarayana

Food coordinator

Prema Patil

Student/youth relationship chair

Harisha Krishnappa

Volunteers chair

Shivalini Basavaraja

Cultural chair    

Shubhalekha Reddy

Cultural coordinator

Anand Rao

Cultural & Events coordinator

Sandeep Medam

Events Coordination chair

SKK Executive committee is responsible for planning and execution of regular SKK yearly events. The committee is usually formed at the beginning of the year under the guidance of the board of directors.


Above pic from Left to Right (Arvind, Pavan, Shivalini, Shubhalekha, Harisha, Sandeep, Swami, Anand)

Committee & Volunteers: