Events scheduled in year 2019

Ugadhi Habba Celebrations! April 27th Saturday, 2019 Hindu Mandir of Minnesota, Maple Grove, MN
SKK Picnic and 5K Run August 4th Sunday, 2019

Elm Creek Park Reserve
(Acorn Shelter)
Maple grove, MN

Ganesha Habba TBDTBD
Deepavali Celebrations TBD

Optional Events:

  • Kannada movie screenings in local theaters dependent on the availability of good Kannada movies in US market
  • Host Kannada artist programs whenever Kannada artists are touring USA. These programs are dependent on the availability of the artist dates to visit twin cities. 
  • Arrange charity programs whenever there is a need to help a Kannada cause

How to get invited to SKK events?

SKK committee will send out an evite to SKK Yahoo Group members 4-5 weeks before the event date. If you are not enlisted in SKK Yahoo Group, please reach out to SKK communication coordinator to get invited to the event.

How to perform in SKK cultural events?

If you are interested in participating in cultural events in one of the SKK events, please contact SKK Cultural Coordinator.

Rules of participation in cultural events

  • Kannada programs get preference over other language programs
  • Limit one program per person or group for an event
  • Limit your program time to less than 5 minutes