Hello All,

Minnesota Sangeetha Kannada Koota Cordially invites you all to the Ugadi Habba 2017 Celebrations!
“Sangeetha Sanje”
A musical night by Smt Manjula Gururaj & Sri Badri Prasad 
along with other cultural programs.

Artists in brief...
Smt Manjula Gururaj
Smt Manjula Gururaj (Kannada: ಮಂಜುಳಾ ಗುರುರಾಜ್) is an Indian female playback singer and a voice-over artist who has primarily worked in Kannada feature films. She has, to her credit, many thousands of songs for successful soundtracks and many hundreds of Kannada light music songs. She is a recipient of Karnataka State Film Awards for her contribution in film songs and considered one of the most prominent playback singers during the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s.

Here are few of her performance videos

Sri Badri Prasad

Sri Badari Prasad is an Indian playback singer and film actor. Although he is popularly known for his works in Kannada films, he has recorded his voice for over 300 films including Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Konkani and many other regional languages. Making his mainstream debut in the film ALIYA ALLA MAGALA GANDA, he has sung for many devotional albums, theme albums and commercials in a career spanning over almost two decades.