Sangeetha Kannada Koota Ugadi Celebrations

Namaskara Kannada Bandhavare,

SKK Ugadi celebrations will be on Saturday Apr 04th, 5:30 PM to 9 PM at Hindu Mandir Auditorium, Maple Grove, MN.

An evite for the event was sent to SKK Yahoo Group members on 03/04/2014. 

The earlier the committee members get the headcount, the better it is to organize the food and cultural events. Please RSVP to the evite if you have not done so.
We have many cultural programs lined up for this event. Please come and enjoy the  SKK event with your family and friends.  

Event Details:

Meet & Greet: 5:30 to 6:00 PM (Snacks & Tea will be provided)
Pooja & Cultural Programs: 6:00 PM to 8 PM.
Dinner: 8 PM - Food will be served at nominal fees. 
Event Fee: No event fee for members enrolled in 2015 annual membership. New guests: $15 per family, $10 per Individual.

Annual membership - Annual membership like every other year is $50 per year for family and $25 for individuals. 
Please note, from this year, any contributions to SKK is tax free, so all annual membership fees will be tax free. 

Warm  Regards
SKK 2015 Committee